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Date of publication:2019/11/18 11:46:44
On November 16, the 3rd Sustained Release Drug R&D International Summit and 2019 APIs Industrial Park (Changsha) Investment Cooperation Forum ended successfully in Changsha. The forum was hosted by the People's Government of Wangcheng District of Changsha City and the Promotion Office of Biomedical Industry Chain of Changsha City, and undertaken by Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..
The 3rd Sustained Release Drug R&D International Summit
The summit invited industry leaders to conduct presentations, with a strong academic atmosphere and continuous interaction, highlighting the high quality and high content of the forum.

Many experts gather together to enjoy the academic feast

This summit invited nearly 20 experts such as Academician Xi Zhenfeng, Academician Zhou Qilin, Academician Ma Dawei, and Professor Xi Zhen and other scholars in the field of medicine at home and abroad, leaders of well-known pharmaceutical companies and venture capital institutions to conduct presentations in the fields of drug innovation technology, medicinal chemistry research, artificial intelligence, new drug research and development system and medical new policy. These presentations, a forward-looking perspective on new opportunities, new challenges, and new trends in new drug development, presents an academic feast full of content, injecting strong international momentum into Changsha and national biomedical development.

Presentation 1: i-Catalyzed Highly Atom-Economical C–C Coupling Reactions
i-Catalyzed Highly Atom-Economical C–C Coupling Reactions
Zhou Qilin (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Nankai University, Changjiang Scholar, Doctoral Supervisor)

Presentation2: "Four in One, Building a Great Scientific Research System for Innovative Drug Research and Development"
Zhou Shuiping (Executive Dean of the Tasly Institute, MD, Special Subsidy Specialist)

Presentation 3: New Technologies, Innovations and Case Studies of Drug Innovation
Xie Yuli (CEO and Founder of Wigen Biomedical Technology (Shanghai) &  Suzhou Ouling Biomedical Co., Ltd., Ph.D. of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Postdoctoral Fellow of Columbia University)

Presentation 4: The Latest Research Progress in Supramolecular Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Liu Yu (Professor of Nankai University, Changjiang Distinguished Professor)

Presentation 5: Design Strategy for Long Acting Injectables
Dr Jaya Abraham (R&D Consultant of Indian Pharmaceuticals)

Presentation 6: Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery
Yang Shengyong (Professor at the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Winner of the Changjiang Scholar Award granted by Ministry of Education , Receiver of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,Leader of Innovation Team  of the Ministry of Education)

Presentation 7: C-H Functionalization Strategy for Synthesis of Complex Peptides and Carbohydrates
Chen Gong (Professor of State Key Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry of Nankai University, Adjunct Professor of Pennsylvania State University, Doctoral Supervisor, Receiver of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars)

Presentation 8: New Drug Development Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence and Degeneration Technology
Cheng Changfu (Founder and CEO of X-Cutag Inc.)

Presentation 9 (Biguanides: Anti-tumor targeting mechanism, clinical significance and discovery of its new derivatives)​
Yang Xiaoping (Doctoral Supervisor of  Hunan Normal University, Second-level Professor, Leader of outstanding innovation team of Huxiang high-level talents)

Presentation 10: New Drug Research Based on Drug Genomics Guidance
Liu Zhaoqian (Vice President of Xiangya Medical Laboratory at Central South University, Director of Hunan Key Laboratory of Pharmacogenetics,Doctoral Supervisor, National Health and Family Planning Outstanding Contributions Young and Middle-aged Experts)

Presentation 11: Drug Design and Crystal Development R&D Cloud Platform
Zhang Peiyu (CSO of XtalPi Co. Ltd.)

Presentation 12: Branch-PCR Constructed Chromatin-like for Multiple Gene Regulation in Cancer Therapy
Xi Zhen (Associate Dean of School of Chemistry Nankai University, Director of National Engineering Research Center (Tianjin), Changjiang Distinguished Professor,Doctoral Supervisor, the 13th Deputy to the National People's Congress)

Presentation 13: Study on the introduction of fluorine in organic synthons
Jiang Huanfeng (Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of South China University of Technology, Multiple academic team leaders)

Presentation 14: Anti-obesity activity of Chinese medicine celastrol: mechanisms and drug delivery
Rong Jianhui (Associate Professor of School of Chinese Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Researcher of Shenzhen Research Institute, The University of Hong Kong)

Presentation 15: ​The impact of the New Policy on pharmaceutical R&D and its countermeasures
Zhang Ziran (Medical PhD, Vice President of the China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, director of the Policy and Regulations Committee and director of the special committee of the listed company)

Presentation16: Copper/oxalyl diamine catalyzed coupling reaction
Ma Dawei (Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry)
Project inspection, promoting the transformation of innovation results
Huateng Pharmaceutical Industrial Park is the first start-up project for the implementation of the “Industrial Development Year” and “Business Environment Optimization Year” activities in Wangcheng High-tech Zone. It is also an important supporting project for the bio-pharmaceutical industry chain in the high-tech zone. During the summit, the guests visited the Huateng Pharmaceutical Industrial Park and expressed their expectations for the development speed and development prospects of Huateng. At present, 12 single buildings of the long-term targeted precision drug industrialization construction project invested by Huateng Pharmaceutical have been capped, and they have entered the stage of plant decoration and equipment installation. After the project is fully put into operation, it can realize an annual sales income of 1 billion yuan.

As the organizer of the summit, the People's Government of Wangcheng District of Changsha City promoted the development of the pharmaceutical industry, established the Expert Committee on the Development of API Industry in Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, focused on the construction of bio-pharmaceutical industry chain, and created an active business environment. As the organizer of the summit, Huateng Pharmaceutical has been practicing the mission of “Strive for the Human Health”, responding to the call for the construction of the national drug innovation technology system, actively exploring the frontier direction of the biomedical field, promoting the transformation of innovation achievements, and striving to create The first product of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

High-quality scientific research and cooperation and exchange are the cornerstones for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The International Summit Forum on sustained-release Drugs has been held for three consecutive sessions, which has enhanced exchanges and cooperation in the industry. Deng Zeping, Chairman of Huateng Pharmaceutical, said:"Thank you for your support and support. It is hoped that through the long-term slow-release drug industry exchange platform built by the summit forum, it will be able to integrate more industry resources and help to create the Chinese medical industry 'Huawei' as soon as possible, leading Chinese new drugs to the forefront of the world, to promote the medical industry and human medicine health. Make a bigger contribution to the cause".  Professor Xi Zhen, the chairman of the conference, said: "Thanks to the leaders and experts at all levels for their support of this summit forum and the development of China's biomedical industry. We look forward to the early production of long-acting sustained-release drugs by Huateng Pharmaceutical."

The 3rd Sustained Release Drug R&D International Summit and 2019 APIs Industrial Park (Changsha) Investment Cooperation Forum ended successfully with warm applause. We will see you again in 2020!