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Date of publication:2019/11/14 13:57:13
Huateng Pharmaceutical has established a strict quality management system and has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification. Our production and agency products strictly follow the quality management requirements to ensure that the products are uniform, effective and stable.

In order to ensure product quality, Huateng Pharmaceutical has purchased a variety of advanced experimental and analytical instruments, such as 400M NMR, Agilent LCMS, HPLC, GC, IR, GPC, etc..

Quality Control

According to the actual situation, the company has established strict quality management regulations, and the implementation results are directly related to the performance appraisal of employees.

1. Raw material storage inspection

Request the supplier's raw material COA, compare it with the company's quality inspection results, and fill out the “Incoming Raw Material Inspection Form”. If it is qualified, it will be put into storage. If it is unqualified, it will be returned to the supplier;

2. Semi-finished product inspection

After each step of the reaction, the corresponding synthetic product is tested. If the structure and purity are qualified, the next reaction is carried out; if the structure or purity is unqualified, the experiment will be repeated. All test results need to be filled out to the "semi-finished product inspection form";

3. Finished goods warehouse-in inspection

The finished product can only be put into storage after the physical and chemical properties (appearance, structure, purity, melting point, etc.) meet the requirements, and a special person is required to review the quality inspection structure, and at the same time fill in the “Research and Development Department Product Storage Confirmation Form” and “Product Quality Inspection Report”;

4. Finished warehouse-out product inspection

When the product stays in our warehouse for more than 3 months, or the product structure is unstable, our company will re-test the product when it is shipped out of the warehouse, and fill in the "Product Quality Test Report". Only products that meet customer requirements will be issued.

Product Quality Inspection Report (COA): The product batch quality inspection report can be obtained from our company after the product is purchased, or can be downloaded from our official website according to the product ID number and batch number.

The above various inspection orders and reports, etc., are all managed by the specially-assigned person and are convenient to call at any time.

Huateng Pharmaceutical's product testing methods are all open to customers. Everyone is welcome to discuss and study together.