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Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis is our core business. We have a first-class R&D team, led by a Ph.D. with decades of organic synthesis experience, and an international R&D team of doctors and masters to provide customers with comprehensive chemical customization services.
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1, Custom Synthesis Advantages
(1) A technologically advanced, experienced and groundbreaking professional R&D team that meets the customization needs of new compounds from milligrams to kilograms.
(2) High efficiency, fast response, flexible research direction, low price, short cycle and high quality.
(3) With first-class production equipment and quality management system.
(4) Tailor-made production to help customers reduce capital and time costs.

2, Service Model
Product delivery model: Include final product delivery and electronic data reports. In addition to the agreement, the relevant electronic data is provided, including nuclear magnetic analysis, high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography.

3, Scope of Customized Services
(1) Various small molecule compounds 
(2) Pharmacology and drug discovery 
(3) Organometallic chemistry 
(4) Heterocyclic chemistry 
(5) Special reagents 
(6) Scale-up production 
(7) Academic exploration cooperation

4, Custom Process

Order Consultation → Quote → Prepaid Deposit → Product R&D → Product Delivery, Pay the Final Payment


5, Intellectual Property Protection
Intellectual property is the most valuable asset. We signed confidentiality agreements with customers and employees before the start of the experiment, and provided documents search, synthetic route design, synthesis, analysis and other services in strict accordance with the terms of the confidentiality agreement, providing customers with the target compound in the shortest time.

6. Synthesis and Analysis Equipment

custom systhesis

If you have any questions or need a customized service, please contact sales@huatengusa.com and we will be happy to help you!