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Product name:8-ArmPEG-SS

Product ID: 10257      

  • Synonyms:
    8-ArmPEG-Succinimidyl Succinate ester
  • Purity:
  • Uses:
    Applicated in medical research, drug-release, nanotechnology and new materials research, cell culture. In the study of ligand, polypeptide synthesis support, a graft polymer compounds, new materials, and polyethylene glycol-modified functional coatings and other aspects of the active compound.
8-ArmPEG-SS (8-ArmPEG-Succinimidyl Succinate ester) is a multiarm PEG derivative with succinimidyl NHS active ester groups at each terminal of the eight arms connected to one hexaglycerol core. 8-ArmPEG-SS is a cleavable PEG linker that can be crosslinked into degradable PEG hydrogels. PEG hydrogels are widely used in medical device, drug development, and diagnostics areas, including drug delivery, wound sealing, wound healing, cell culture models, and tissue regeneration.
  • Storage conditions:
    Store at -5°C,keep in dry and avoid sunlight.

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