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Huateng Pharma New Plant

Huateng Pharma has established an industry park of 34000m² in Wangcheng District, Changsha, equipped with more than 800 sets of state-of-the-art facilities and management systems based on the general trend of intelligent manufacturing, including production equipment such as reactors, cryostats, rectifying towers, centrifuges, DCS automatic control system, online monitoring equipment, as well as R&D analysis and testing equipment such as ICP-MS, HPLC, GC, LPSA, etc. After it is fully put into production, it can achieve annual sales revenue of RMB 1 billion.

Huateng Pharma has large scale manufacturing capabilities at our modern facility. We supply PEG derivatives and anti-cancer & anti-virus APIs and intermediates to customers worldwide. Our capabilities include rapid initial scale-up and custom synthesis of intermediates with the capacity to produce up to tons.

High-end Equipment

Equipment Quantity Equipment Quantity
2000-3000L Enamel Reactor   18 sets  Double Cone Dryer 2000L   7 sets 
5000L Enamel Reactor    38 sets  Clean Room Double Cone Dryer 500L   1 set 
300-500L Enamel Reactor in Clean Room   4 sets  Vacuum Pump   20 sets 
2000L Hydrogenation Kettle Stainless Steel 304   2 sets  Pure Water System    1 sets 
2000L Cryogenic Kettle Stainless Steel 304   4 sets  -20 °C Refrigerating Unit   2 sets 
2000-5000L Enamel Receiving Tank   38 sets  7 °C Water Unit   2 sets 
50m3 Stainless Steel Storage Tank   12 sets  Rectifying Column   4 sets 
5m3 Stainless Steel Horizontal Storage Tank   18 sets  Exhaust Gas Washing System   2 sets 
Automatic Scraper Under Discharge Centrifuge Type 1250   6 sets  RTO  15000m3/h   1 set 
Clean Room Centrifuge 316L    1 set  Sewage Treatment Equipment 500m3/d   1 set 


4 Modern Multi-functional Production Workshops And GMP Lab


Environment Health & Safety (EHS)

Huateng Pharma is committed to ensuring and instilling excellence in EHS with a strong commitment to continuous improvement in our performance in the prevention and avoidance of occupational risks for our employees and reducing the environmental impact of all our operations.



1. The workshops are fully enclosed and the equipment is operated under the protection of nitrogen flow. After the solvent is transported from the pump area to the buffer tank on the top floor of each workshop, it is then metered to each reaction facility. The liquid delivery mode is diaphragm pump delivery or gravity flow nitrogen pressure delivery. The solid material enters the reactor through the solid feeding pipe. The solid discharge is discharged and bagged through a fully automatic centrifuge under the protection of nitrogen flow. The full nitrogen flow protection will minimize the various safety risks in the workshop caused by the reaction of static electricity, oxygen and free radicals, protect the workshop environment and the health of the operators, and effectively improve the stability of the production process.

2. The waste gas is divided into acidic tail gas pipeline and alkaline tail gas pipeline, and enters the RTO incineration system after being washed by the scrubber. After incineration, the exhaust gas is washed again and then discharged at high altitude. The wastewater after washing enters the wastewater treatment system.

3. The heat transfer medium of the main reaction equipment uses glacial refrigerant, which integrates cold and heats to achieve stepless temperature change to ensure process safety and stability; and minimize the corrosion of pipeline valves, effectively avoid leakage in the workshop, and ensure no cross contamination due to equipment corrosion.

4. The heat transfer and vacuum systems of the main body of the workshop use high-precision pilot valves, and the temperature and vacuum of the reaction process are accurately controlled through the DCS control system to achieve precise control and ensure process stability and safety.

5. The complete DCS control and highly functionalized pipe network realize a highly automated process flow and minimize human error. The factory has designed a total pipeline network of more than 50,000 meters, and the first phase of the pipeline network construction is more than 37,000 meters.

6. Large size and high configuration warehouse, equipped with two Class A warehouses of 750m², one Class C warehouse of 3600m² and twelve storage tanks of 50m³ effectively ensure the safe and compliant storage of materials and finished products.

Three Warehouses And Twelve Storage Tanks 


​Waste Treatment & Disposal

The sewage system of Huateng Pharmaceutical Industrial Park processes 500 tons of sewage per day (a drainage index of 1,000 tons per day). After reaching the level 3 standard, it will be discharged to the sewage station of the park through the pipe network and treated by the sewage station of the park. The sewage station adopts a closed and buried design, and the waste gas from the sewage station is discharged after gas collection, washing and absorption. Both the appearance and smell will be environmentally friendly.

Each workshop is equipped with a sewage classification system, and the sewage will enter the corresponding temporary storage tank of the sewage station through different pipe networks after being classified and collected in the workshop. The sewage of different classifications will enter the biochemical system after being processed by the corresponding pre-physical and chemical system, and enter the park pipe network after the final treatment reaches the standard.

The anaerobic system adopts the most advanced TIC tower, the methane gas produced is ignited at high altitude, and the sludge can be applied or used as biological fertilizer after granulation.

The solid hazardous waste is handled by a hazardous waste treatment company. The current treatment price is RMB 8,000 per ton.